Mission Exposure

Immerse yourself in a short term live-in experience of UNOH. During this time you will: participate in active ministry with various marginalized groups, receive input from the UNOH team, meet and hear stories of people from different backgrounds and lifestyles (refugees, asylum seekers, the very poor, street workers, jail ministry, those of other religions, etc).

This has proven to be a real “taster” for people to do, in helping them consider if they should spend more time with UNOH. Perhaps volunteer in a more ongoing way.  Perhaps become a Companion of Hope. Perhaps do Sub-merge. Perhaps consider an apprenticeship with UNOH… And for those who only ever “just do” the mission exposure course – they are still changed forever. Their appreciation for, and understanding of, different marginalised groups expands significantly, and impacts all who take the risk of this short journey!

To register your interest or ask a question please contact equipping@unoh.org

Bangkok: June 6th-15th 2013.  Contact chris@unoh.org

Melbourne Sept 20-26th. Contact peterd@unoh.org

Bangkok: December 6th-16th 2013.  Contact chris@unoh.org